Why did we name ourselves Church Together?


It's how God wants to live life with us

More than anything God wants to be involved in our life. Jesus came to dwell with us and He sent his Holy Spirit to be with us always. His promise is to walk together with us through this life. Our theology is not of a distant dictatorial God, but one who cares about everything we are involved in. The essence of any relationship is togetherness. It is the same with God. The incredible news of the gospel proclaims that God is together with us!

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It's Jesus' desire for His church

God speaks of the blessings that come when His people are together. It is in the context of unity that He sends His presence and His provision. In what is regarded as one of Jesus' most significant prayers, He prayed that His church would be together as one. He promised that He would be present when together with us when two or more gather together. The very first church, when the church was arguably in its purest form, was so dynamic because it was together in one accord. Jesus longs that His church be together.

It describes the church's role in the community.

I am convinced that the only way to change the world is by working together. There is no one agency vibrant or big enough to do it alone. It is the expressed role of our church to partner together with schools, government, citizens, community groups, other churches, and non-profits to work together to make the world a better place. We are to be a life-giving hub in our city's eco system. We make lives and cities healthier by partnering together with them.

It's a little unconventional, and that's OK because...

we are a little unconventional.

It's OK to be a little unconventional, because conventional isn't working in most churches. Our name is unconventional because it's a statement as much as it is a name. The church needs to make a statement to the world. It's unconventional because it reacts against our individualistic society and our individualistic theology. I believe it reflects the cry of a new generation to collaborate in community - A cry to be together. It lends itself to natural evangelism; it has an invitation built into it. E.g. "Let's go to Church Together". It causes people to think about what we are saying and causes them to think deeper and differently about our mission.

It reflects what we value most - Relationships

I believe that this world is ultimately all about how well we love and thus all about relationships. Together is the word that defines what occurs when relationships are working well. We want to pull the lost, the hurting and the marginalized together. We want to let Jesus rub off on us. We want the lonely to come together so they aren't lonely any more. Healing and hope are best found in relationship together.

It fits who God
has called us to be.

My (Pastor Andy) life calling is to partner with Jesus to change the world. It's what I'll be doing until I go and see Him face to face. God has given me some significant relationships to steward and bring together. I believe I am, and will forever work at becoming better at being, a collaborative leader. I want to listen, connect, partner and bring people together. It's what I do among churches, leaders, schools, our city and in sports. Togetherness is the only way I know how to accomplish what God has called me to do. While this Church is not about me, the culture we develop will primarily reflect my leadership. I want to build a together kind of culture.

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