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I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. Seemingly, one of the many differences between males and females is the difference between how we view shopping. Tracie likes to recreationally shop by going into several stores, looking at several items, comparing several prices and then making a decision. I don't like to recreationally shop! If I haven’t decided what I am going to buy before I go into the shop, rarely do I even venture into the shop! I personally believe that Internet shopping is the second best thing ever to happen to Christmas…!

One thing that I find particularly frustrating about shopping is when I go into a store, knowing what I want, only to find that the store doesn’t have what I am looking for. At times like this, when I feel all my shopping phobias surging inside of me, the first thing that I do is find a sales associate and ask “Do you have any new stock in your storeroom?”. If they have, I’m happy…if not, well…I’m not happy.

Did you know that this is a question that the world is asking of followers of Christ? - “Is there any new stock in your storeroom”? What’s new, fresh, and different, about you and the God you have chosen to follow? What can he offer that the world can’t? What will he give that other gods can’t? What’s the 'added value'? What’s 'above and beyond'?

The good news is that if we are following Christ, we should have new treasures that we are inviting people to see. God is perpetually doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:9) as the world keeps turning. In response, newness and new life, should always be coming forth from and in us.

Jesus put it this way; "Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old." (Matt 13:52)

Jesus is saying that once we have become a part of the kingdom of heaven, we don’t just have the old wisdom that we have gleaned from life, but that we have some ‘new treasures’ to share with people. Whenever the kingdom of heaven is spoken of in scripture, treasure is used as a metaphor for the intangible currency of the kingdom of heaven. Treasure is the blessings we give and receive, it is our ability to understand our identity in Him and how passionately we are loved. Heavenly treasure is the good deeds we do that are seen in heaven, they are things intimately more special than any material treasure that Captain Hook would fight for. Just a short while before ushering these words, in Matthew 13:45-46, Jesus had told the parable of a man who willingly sold everything that he had to gain the heavenly treasure that God has given to him. It was worth infinitely more than everything he had.

It’s important to note as well that we are to bring these treasures ‘out of our storerooms’. We are supposed to show the blessings and treasures of heaven to those who visit the storeroom of our life, who peer in an see what we have to offer. The rich treasures that God gives to us are not to be enjoyed in the privacy of our quiet time, but are to be lived out loud as people see what kind of person we are, and what kind of God we serve.

As people see you, as your seek to represent Jesus in the world, do people see new stock in your storeroom? They should.

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