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Youth Together Update May 6, 2016

Here's an update on what we learned at the youth gathering last Sunday:
  • We talked about decision making and what influences it
  • We discussed how our own opinions, our friends' opinions, our parents' opinions, and God's opinion factors into our decision making
  • We looked at Wesley's quadrilateral, which proposes that authority in decision making comes from four places: experience, reason, tradition, and scripture.
This Sunday we will not have a youth gathering since it is Mother's Day. Next Sunday (May 15th) is our after church picnic, so we will not have a normal youth gathering. But I hope you're staying for the picnic if you are able; we're working on planning some games that will be a lot of fun!
Looking ahead:
May 22nd during normal youth time we will have a parents meeting with the big topic of discussion being a mission trip this summer. The email I sent yesterday had some information, but I will be much more thorough during the meeting, and we will be able to discuss any questions or concerns. The youth will not be a part of this meeting, but they will be meeting for the normal gathering.
May 29th is Memorial Day weekend. Please let me know whether or not you will be in town and planning on your youth staying for our normal meeting.
June 5th will be the first youth gathering with our rising sixth graders.
This curriculum makes it vitally important for each student to have their own hard copy of a Bible and their white curriculum notebook each week. If your youth does not have a Bible, let me know and we will get him/her one. 
Please remember to bring $3/youth for lunch if you are able.

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