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Live the Resurrection!

Jesus said, "I am the Resurrection and the Life". John 11:25

We must thoroughly understand this statement!! It encapsulates the purpose, the power, and the point of who Jesus is and everything that Jesus accomplished. It is not just about living in Heaven, but ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven NOW!  We need to know that wherever there is pain, there is hope! Wherever there is death, there can be a resurrection!

This single verse contains the glorious gospel that we must entirely give ourselves to. It is what it means to follow Christ. In the beginning, God said that what he had created was good. It was Eden. Through Adam, humanity fell, and sin entered …and we kept falling, falling, and falling.

Jesus came to  halt the decay; to offer hope to that which appeared hopeless. Jesus is in the "bringing back to life" business. It's his thing.

In the Greek scriptures, a prefix is often used, 'ana.' Translated into English, this prefix is the same as the 're' prefix that we put before certain words. Whenever you see the letters' re' prefixed before a word in scripture, it means to return to an original condition that was ruined or lost. For example,

· Reconciliation means the restoration of the reestablishment of a prior friendship of unity.
· Renewal – means to make new again, restoring to an original state.

Resurrection means becoming alive again.

What does this mean? It means a lot more than offering people Heaven (although it is vital that we do and important that we pine for that great and glorious day). It also means that we are to go and speak words of resurrection to areas of humanity that are dying.

  • It means we can go to the person whose spouse is leaving, that there is the hope of resurrection coming to that which is dying in the marriage.
  • It means we can go to our friend who has been defeated by the loss of his job and who only sees closed doors, that there is resurrection hope that doors will open again.
  • It means that the one, who the pursuits of vanity have choked, can be revived with real Life and real substance.
  • It means that the hungry can be fed. It means it means the one who is naked with vulnerability can have their dignity restored.

Jesus statement about being the resurrection and the Life is not just about Heaven…. it is about now! The Kingdom is coming, but it has also arrived.

It means that whenever there are areas of death in our lives, then the living Christ's power can bring resurrection and Life.

There is hope. We need to dispense the hope that exists because Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life!!

Live the Resurrection!

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