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Finding Peace

Turn, push or click to: Luke 7:36-50

A story of a peace-filled former prostitute and a
pompous Pharisee

Peace is found in extravagantly worshiping
instead of excessively worrying. (V36-38)

Rather than worrying about what people must say, we must be prepared to
break social convention to honor Jesus.

Peace is found when we are released from a debt we can’t pay. (vs40-43)
Our ability to receive forgiveness determines our level of peace.

Peace is found in Soul Righteousness rather than Self Righteousness. (vs.44-46)
Our soul is primarily satisfied when we give rather than receive

Peace is found by focusing on faith rather than failure - (vs. 48-49)
We are commissioned to focus on the future rather than live in the past.

“Go in Peace” (vs50)

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