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When "What If" Happens

In preparation for some talks that I am putting together, I recently scanned the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), looking for stories that transformed "what is" (The reality of life) into "what if" (a visionary picture of what could be). It staggered me how frequently Jesus went into complex realities where the 'what is' of life was difficult, challenging, and made the impossible possible. Below is a list of 'what is' situations where Jesus said 'what if'… and brought transformation.

What if….?
  • Those who are tempted could stay strong (Matt 4)?
  • Fishermen could become fishers of men (Matt 4)?
  • Those who seek revenge could bless those who persecute them (Matt 5)?
  • Treasure on earth could be translated to treasure in heaven (Matt 6)?
  • A few laborers could reap a huge harvest (Matt 9)?
  • A death could lead to a resurrection (Matt 28)?
  • An unpayable debt could be paid (Matt 18)
  • Dominant leaders could serve humbly (Matt 20)?
  • A socially outcast hooker could walk into peace (Matt 26)?
  • Lights that were hidden could be put on a bright stand (Mark 4)?
  • Twelve ordinary guys could change the world (Mark 6)?
  • Blind men could see again (Mark 8)?
  • A Virgin could give birth to a baby (Luke 1)?
  • People who like to throw stones would drop them (John 8)
  • Those who are consumed by worry could begin to trust (Luke 12)
  • A rich wealthy man could surrender it all (Luke 16)?
  • Down-hearted men could walk with Jesus (Luke 24)?
  • The God of the universe could visit earth (John 1)?
  • Slaves to sin could be set free (John 8)
  • A dead man called Lazarus could walk out of the tomb (John 10)?
  • Those lost on a wide road could find a narrow road home (John 14)?
  • When we are alone, God could send himself to be with us always (John 14)?
  • Five thousand hungry people could be fed (John 6)?

These transformations happened. And Jesus is still in the business of changing 'what is' to 'what if'! Let him change yours!

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Arvid - July 5th, 2021 at 9:29pm

It is interesting how many of these involve listening, faith, obedience and action. Jesus called Lazarus from the grave. Lazarus did not just keep laying there.




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