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Thoughtful Doubts

Everyone doubts!

It is an essential ingredient to mature faith. Some of the greatest heroes in our Christian faith have experienced times of doubt. As he hung upon the cross, even Jesus asked God why he’d left him alone.

Mother Teresa, perhaps one of the most well-known and respected Christian leaders of the twentieth century, had times of doubt. As a young lady, she was found by Christ and passionate in her pursuit of him. In her journal of these early days of faith claims, “My soul at present is in perfect peace and joy.” She experienced profound union with God. Then she became a missionary.

While on the field, she felt God had left her. “Even deep down, there is nothing but emptiness and darkness… My God, how painful is this unknown pain? I have no faith”, she penned in her journal.
A wise spiritual counselor told her three things that she needed to hear that caused her doubt to strengthen her faith.

  1.  There was no human remedy for darkness (and therefore, she should not feel responsible for it).
  2.  ‘Feeling’ the presence of Jesus was not the only or even primary evidence of his presence. Even the very craving for God was a ‘sure sign’ that God was present in her life.
  3. The pain she was going through could be redemptive. Jesus himself had to experience the agony of the absence of God, and his suffering was redemptive for us. Perhaps Mother Teresa’s suffering could be redemptive by holding on to God amid the darkness.

What great advice! If we’re honest with ourselves, we all doubt what God is doing and whether he exists. How can you apply this wise advice to your doubts?

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