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The Spotlight

Let Jesus be in the spotlight, not you. 

  • The spotlight on our lives might not reveal any fame, but it raises and praises our pride. Yet, God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. 
  • The spotlight increases my need to win and be right. Yet, ultimately, all I want to do is be faithful.
  • The spotlight amplifies me, yet my best hope is for me to decrease so that Jesus can increase in me.
  • The spotlight lies that I am the star of the show. I’m not, nor do I need to be.
  • The spotlight makes celebrities, a system that is often empty and oppressive.
  • The spotlight brings the kind of trophies and accolades that only distract. They distort our identity and rob us of heavens treasures
  • The spotlight brings expectations and temptations that are not helpful to the expansion and depth of my soul.
  • The spotlight feeds narcissistic tendencies that whither my soul.
  • The spotlight publicly exposes my shame when I should be dealing with it privately in the light of a loving God and close friends.
  • The spotlight blinds me from seeing those who matter most to God and thus corrupts my ability to serve.
  • The spotlight doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Jesus, who is worthy to stand under it.

The wise sage is right;
“Don’t work yourself into the spotlight; don't push your way into the place of prominence.” –Proverbs 25:6

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