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Christmas Words

Words are an essential part of the Christmas season. Have you noticed how our words change at Christmas? The words that we share with loved ones become more poignant and meaningful. Many 'politically correct' groups want us to watch the words we use to greet others during this season. It could be argued that a child's most important words at Christmas are sadly "I want that"!!!

As we read the gospel of John (1:1-14), we hear mention of another kind of "Word"… the Word that was, that is, and that is to come – Jesus. As John opens his gospel with this rich Christmas narrative, I hope three prominent words become important to you this season. These words have the power to add value and meaning to this Christmas time like few others. What are they?
The first Word is became -"The Word became Flesh…" (John 1:14). We celebrate the God who became one of us while walking among us—maintaining his deity while becoming accessible to people like you and me. The good news is that Jesus became so that we could become! 'Becoming' speaks of transforming an identity. Who do you want to become this Christmas?

A second important Christmas word is dwelt – "…and made his dwelling among us". Author Max Lucado describes this "as if God were moving into our neighborhood." Dwelling is about becoming a part of someone's world and making it better for them. Whose world can you dwell in and make it better for them?

Finally, a word we must carry close to our lips and heart this season is glory.' John writes that we have 'seen his glory. It is a glory not found under the Christmas tree or in an unwrapped gift. We find real glory in a manger, hidden at the back of a smelly stable, as we realize that the baby before us will grow to be the savior of humankind who offers abundant and eternal life.

People want to define Christmas using all kinds of words. But I believe that Christmas is about the Word and the Words. This season may you celebrate the one who became, the one who dwells, and the ones whose glory is beyond our comprehension!

Be about what's important.

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