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Closer Than You Think

Recently our family went to Disney.

Despite living in Florida, we don't go there as often as you'd think. So when we do go, it's a treat. This trip's adventure started in Epcot, probably because it's often one of the quietest parks and because I like to buy a British candy bar when we go around the World Showcase!

One of the new things that they had added since we were last there was a high-tech(ish) game based on the Disney TV show, "Where's my Perry". The premise is that on your transmitter you receive certain clues to find and capture the bad guys. There is a time limit on the clues and several fun surprises along the way. There are several versions of this game that are played around Epcot's World Showcase. We were playing our game in the fake UK and having to endure many rather cheesy and over-amplified British stereotypes.

Great News!

At our Church Together Board meeting last Monday (7/20/15) we were able to celebrate that we have recieved our 501c 3 status from the IRS. This means that as well as being a church in the eys of God we are also a church in the eyes of the law. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. Special thanks to Jerry Martin who has quarterbacked this process for us!

The Blue Ticket - When Pastor Andy visited David Letterman

Due to either divine intervention or ridiculously good luck, Tracie and I were able to a live screening of the David Letterman show. Although I'm not a huge fan, the opportunity to see the taping of a live TV show was too tantalizing to turn down. I applied online, and a week before our trip to New York, I received a call from the show asking me to answer one simple question to demonstrate that I was a fan. My heart sank as I tried to persuade the caller to either call Tracie (who is much better at TV trivia than I), or give me some time to think about his question (read: see if Mr. Google could help me answer it!).

Don't Put Diesel in a Gas Engine!

Putting the wrong kind of fuel into your car can cause great distress on your engine. Putting the wrong kind of food into our bodies can also have a serious effect upon our health. Filling our soul with pleasures and activities that displease God can cause great harm to our spiritual growth. Unfortunately, our enemy has disguised that which is unhealthy in packages that don't look too different to those that are wholesome.

Recently I was travelling with my family back from Tampa after a wonderful weekend away. We were ready to get home and I quickly stopped at a busy gas station to fill up our van. This filling station had some of the cheapest gas I had seen for a while and it was full of cars taking advantage of the price. After maneuvering alongside a pump, I begin to fill up. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to realize that I had been putting diesel into my gas powered engine!

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