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About Societal Reformation

In his excellent book, Character Counts, Os Guinness shares the follow seven principles from the life of William Wilberforce that illuminate what it means to live a life of significance today. The following is an excerpt from Guinness's book. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking to make a right and real difference in the world.

As I read through these principles against the backdrop of Wilberforce's incredible impact as a Christian reformist, I am deeply inspired to make my life count. I hope you will be as well. How are you doing at leaning into and living these principles?

Pseudo Society

This past Friday...I, your pastor, took part in a riot.

Ok, it was a simulated riot...and it was a learning experience.

I am participating in a Leadership Seminole Class, and Friday I was a part of a day long social experiment with 40 or so others who got to create a simulated society. The goal was to create together a healthy, functioning, prosperous society.

Starting Together

We're off and running! This past Sunday people came together to worship together, to celebrate together and to be a part of something that we believe God will use in ways beyond what we can currently dream - Church Together.

This Sunday was our first service under our new name and identity as Church Together. We had 127 history making people in attendance as we seek to shape the future of what a community church should look like and watch God use our desire to be together.

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