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Accelerators and Brakes

Cars, like teams, are made to take people somewhere. Cars, like teams, are not supposed to sit idly in garages, simply looking pretty or purposelessly going nowhere. Every car that has all the equipment to take you to the place where you are going is controlled by two major pedals; the brake and the accelerator. If all you do is keep the brake on your never go anywhere. If all you do is keep your foot on the accelerator there is no guarantee that you are going to get to your destination alive! Perhaps you have experienced the tension of driving with your emergency brake on. It is the feeling accelerator's pull fighting against the brake.

Most all of the teams that I have ever been on have been in churches, businesses, non-profits, educational groups and civic organizations. That same tension can be found there between the accelerating personnel and the people who want to put the brakes on. If this tension isn't understood and managed our teams would never go anywhere or arrive at their destination.

A Church that Serves

Local. Regional. Global. We hope in the years to come these three words summarize the reach God would allow us to have as His church. We believe that scripture is pretty clear that the missional strategy Jesus outlines begins by serving locally and ends with global impact. (Acts 1:8). Over the past week I have been so proud of our "little flock" (Luke 22:32) as we touched each of these three spheres.

A Tale of Two Poems

A Tale of Two Poems

This week, both Tracie and I have been battling some minor health issues. Tracie has had some congestion and I managed to crack a rib as well as bruise the cartilage around it (a post for another day!). In the midst of the discomfort that these aliments have brought, both Tracie and I have been grateful for our super compassionate son who not only celebrates when we celebrate, but hurts when we hurt.

As a way of expressing his compassion he decided this week to write us each a poem. Neither was particularly creative and both really cheesy but, because they came from a seven year old, super cute.

The Poem to Tracie read: "Roses are red, violets are blue, you're my mommy, so I love you".
The Poem to Me read: "Roses are red, violets are blue, you love me, so I love you too".

Game Show Alignment

This past week I was on a game show.
As some of you may know, Tracie and I recently took an anniversary cruise. The Activities Director on board was looking for volunteers to participate in the game show he was hosting. He asked the question, “What Irish City is also another name for a poem”? Not many hands shot up, but mine did and as the host boisterously strolled towards me I told him the correct answer, which is Limerick. He invited me into the bright lights, behind the enticing music and onto the stage in from of the large crowd that was gathered.
I’ve been on a lot of stages before and tend to be pretty comfortable on them, but I was standing on this one with no idea what I was going to be asked to do!

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