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When it comes to issues of pace, forward motion and getting things done in a timely manner, generally the Church finds itself on the slow end of the spectrum. So many good ideas never take off because "we'll get to that tomorrow". So many kingdom actions are never actualized because we need to wait for a large number of factors to perfectly align. We justify our slowness with the defense of "it must not be God's time to do this" or with cries of "Jesus calls us to rest/Sabbath/slowness". But the reality is that scripture paints a different picture of the expediency with which we must usher in His kingdom. The beginnings of Jesus' ministry are marked with the immediacy of the task at hand - boldly saying that now is the time to get things done.

God is closer than you think!

Recently our family went to Disney. Despite living in Florida, we don't go there as often as you'd think, and so when we do go, it's a treat. On this trip we started our adventure in Epcot, probably because it's often one of the quietest parks and because I like to buy a British candy bar when we go around the World Show Case!

Marriage Lessons from Air-Mattress

Last week, Tracie and I got to do something that I don't think we have done for a long, long timeā€¦ and if I have my way, won't do again. We slept on an air mattress. I am really not a mattress snob, but I have never had a good experience with air mattresses - especially ones that leak.

This mattress rested inflated upon a tile floor which may not have helped our plight. As the night hours passed, much to my disappointment, I was provided more waking hours than I had hoped for to reflect on some of the dynamics of air mattressesā€¦ and their relationship to the wonderful union that Tracie and I are a part of called marriage.


One of the things that my family has really taken to this summer is water parks. We have visited many and recently we paid our first visit to LEGOLAND water park here in Florida.

Unfortunately, we got to the water park late in the day and so Tracie and I had to split up so that we could make the most of this experience. Tracie took Bethany on the big, crazy tall rides and I went with Jonathan on the smaller water rides more suitable for 5 year olds. Jonathan and I were having a great time playing on the water covered in jungle gyms, climbing our way to the top of the equipment which was probably about four stories high.

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