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Rushing In...

As I was reading through the Old Testament the other day, there was a word that I have noticed several times that again grabbed my attention. Often, as I am pouring through scripture and this happens, I want to look a little closer into the scripture because there is an increased probability that God wants to show me something.


The phrase that jumped out at me is “The Spirit Rushed”. It is found in at least 6 times in the books of Judges and Samuel to accomplish, through leaders, what God wants to get done. The Hebrew translation of this word can be better translated as “invade” and it presents some wonderful insight into how God uses His Holy Spirit. I like to imagine that one of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to act as a kind of 911 responder who rushes to invade our struggle and aids us in our times of need. I really don’t like to do anything in a rush, although I find myself having to a lot of the time; but there is great comfort in knowing  that we can call out to God and He will rush His Holy Spirit to us.

Prophet, Pastor, Priest?

I heard it said a long time ago that during his ministry here on earth, there were three primary roles that Jesus fulfilled as he went about the business of birthing the Kingdom of God. 


I do not remember the source of this concept or even where I was when I heard it, but it was one of those comments that struck a chord in my heart and has remained with me ever since. I want to give credit to the unknown person who shared this concept with me! I have built these following comments of his concept, even though I do not remember the context that he originally shared them in.

Jesus in Ordinary Life

I believe in miracles. I believe in a God who still does them. I believe that God wants to do “greater things” (John 14:12) among us than we “can hope for or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). While there is nothing ordinary about Jesus, part of fully knowing Jesus means that we must look beyond his supernatural expressions and realize that it is his desire that we know him in the normalcy of our lives.

Questions of Integrity

Integrity matters. It matters more than it used to and it matters more than we know. It was a matter that was close to Jesus' heart and a matter that we need to spend a lot more time and energy addressing than we do.

There are three things that I believe passionately about integrity;

  • Integrity is about our outside actions reflecting our inside affections.
  • The internal affection and posture of our heart is the driver for our external behavior. Therefore, becoming people of integrity is more about heart transformation than behavioral adjustment.
  • To have integrity before God the affections and posture of our heart must value what He values.

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