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a gift in your honor

As a sign of our appreciation that you have joined us in worship,we would like to offer a “welcome gift” to you. However, our gift is not a dust-collecting trinket but something more on-mission for us. We want to make a small donation to one of our partner ministries in your honor!

At Church Together, we realize there is great value in doing things together, so we partner with other organizations with strengths that we don’t have in areas we are passionate about. We want to make a $10 donation to one of these groups in your honor, and we’d like you to choose which one. To do so, please fill out one of the connect cards as you arrive (pictured to the right) and mark where you’d like us to send a gift.

We promise that we won’t use your information for any other purpose than to see how we can serve and support you more effectively.

The four ministry partners that we are supporting are:
Care Portal
We are committed to keeping families together, and our Care Portal ministry allows us to meet
the needs provided by the Department of Families to keep families together. For instance, your
gift could purchase a bed, clothing, and food supplies to keep a child with their parents and out
of foster care. For more information:

Christian HELP
We are committed to helping people find immediate resources for their needs AND long-term
solutions to their challenges. Christian Help can meet some immediate needs for food, but they
work with clients to help them find appropriate and upsized employment opportunities.
Helping people back to work solves real problems and brings great purpose and dignity to
people’s lives. For more information:

Casselberry Police Foundation
We are committed to supporting our Law Enforcement Officers and keeping our community
safe. LEOs have tough, challenging, and lonely jobs, and we have helped establish this
foundation to support those who serve us. For more information:

The Table at Goldenrod
We are committed to helping the disenfranchised. Great things happen around a meal at the
table. People feel loved and valued and are fed physically and in many other ways. The Table
provides a free weekly meal and warm community to many within our community.
For more information:

Which group would you like to support?