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Christmas Statements

Have you ever noticed how many statements we make at this time of year? We make statements on what we value and what's essential through numerous different mediums. One of the great ways we have traditionally made statements this Christmas season is through the carols we sing. Consider some of the following life-shaping statements that we make in what we sing at this time of year!

"That has made heaven and earth of naught, And with his blood mankind hath bought" (The First Noel)

What a remarkable statement about where we come from! How succinctly this speaks to how we have ruined that which he has created and how God is redeeming it.

In Zechariah's prophecy, after his tongue has been loosened, I believe that he sings to us three statements that can and should shape how we celebrate this season. Zechariah is full of the Holy Spirit and follows in Mary and Elizabeth's line, who also sang when they were full of the Spirit, six months before the first Christmas. As Mary sang a song of love, Elizabeth sang a peace song here, Zechariah sings a hope song. Within Zechariah's song (Luke 1:67-80) are three profound statements.

His first statement is that we can be "Saved Completely." Notice how God's affection towards us is one of love. A more accurate translation of the word "visited" is "looked favorably." God looked at us from heaven, through the eyes of love, and realized that he had to do something to help us. So he did. He sent his son to 'redeem' us - To restore, renew, and ransom. The affection and the action of God are to save us ultimately. When it comes to the issue of salvation, He has done his part and made it possible for you. Have you responded? Do you know that you are saved completely?

Secondly, I believe Zechariah says that we should "Serve Victoriously." Verse 74 tells us that we have been 'saved to serve.' We are called to serve our mighty God through those he loves and haven't yet received his salvation. But as we do, the benefit isn't just for them. It is for us as well. Note how he continues in 74, "we are to serve in holiness and righteousness.”" These two descriptors speak to the attitude of our heart and our behavior. Have you noticed that our heart starts to change when you serve, and thus shortly after our behavior? One of the things that I think Zechariah is saying is that as we serve, everyone wins!

Thirdly, Zechariah is saying (76-79) that we can "Shine Emphatically." I imagine that as he speaks, he is cradling his newborn son, John. He looks at him with great hope and affection as he says over his son what God has in mind for him. You will prepare people to receive the Messiah. You will share with people the knowledge of salvation. You will allow the glory of God to break into the world and enable people to experience peace! I believe that God wants to have tender moments with us where he extends the same invitation to us and that through our lives, people can be prepared to receive Jesus, that we would tell them about his forgiveness, and that through him we would bring peace.

This year, let the following statements define your Christmas:
You can be Saved Completely
You should Serve Victoriously!
You must Shine Emphatically!
Make a statement this Christmas!

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